Negeri Lencho Addressed Only Oromo Displaced People, While Failing to Mention Somalis!

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In a press briefing tonight, he Federal Government Communication Affairs Minister Negeri Lencho spoke to EBC news and addressed that it has been resettled 86 thousand households of Oromo displaced people while he failed to address the situation of Somali displaced people.

Accordingly, the news disseminated from EBC in this evening indicates unbalanced and biased reporting. Up to now Negeri is only focusing one part of the conflict and displaced peoples. However, it is an acceptable level of bias on his part and unbalanced reports that his office had provided to the media.

Finally, it is required of Minister Negeri Lencho, to respect the unity and tolerance of Ethiopian nations, nationalities and Peoples and also to stop spreading biased reports such as the report by the EBC evening news.


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