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By Mohamed Olad

This story my broke the hearts of those who worship Jawar Mohamed as godsend justice warrior who is to emancipate the Oromo masses.

Too bad he is showing his true colors day after day for exactly what he is; a hateful and vengeful, flame-throwing megalomaniac who is hell bent on starting an all-out ethnic war in Ethiopia.

For months he has been inciting against every ethnic group in Ethiopia and has been calling violence against them implicitly or explicitly. One of his most traditional foils are the Somalis in Oromia as he has called, for more than once, violence against these innocent defenseless ethnic Somalis.

We here at Jigjigaherad.com, we made our central mission to uncover these plots to exterminate Somalis in Oromia one story at a time and one evidence at a time.

In this story, we will share our readers and the wider world how Jawar Mohamed and the clandestine group called  ‘Qeerroo’ were coordinating the massacre at Gaddula locality of Daru Lebu district in West Hararghe Zone of Oromia Region were 62 innocent Somalis were slaughtered and dumped in to a mass grave.

We have covered these events extensively and everybody knows that these so-called activists, Jawar Mohamed,  as well as the Oromia communication office quickly twisted this massacre as though it was carried out by a single angry man whose brother were killed by the Liyou.

But, according to the evidences that are emerging and all the subsequent personal accounts emerging from these horrific massacres all point to the fact that it was well orchestrated massacres in which the clandestine ‘Qeerroo’ group as well as elements in Oromia police and group of local mobs have undertaken one of the worst and most horrific massacres in the contemporary Ethiopian history.

More than 288 Somalis have died in almost a dozen localities in West Hararghe alone while another thousands are displaced, their livestock confiscated and their homes torched to the ground. All these massacres were undertaken in the name of border clashes and accusations against the Somali Liyou Police.

But, a torrent of evidences that are emerging after the dust settled paints an orchestrated violence targeted against Somalis for political purpose.

To prove this point we provided below a transcript of a message sent to Jawar Mohamed about the plans of an impending massacre against Somalis in Daru Lebu by ‘Qeerroo’ on Nov. 18 2017.

And sadly, we all know that the Gadulla massacre has occurred les than a month after that plan has circulated between the ‘Qeerroo’ and it’ leaders. After reading this widely circulated message, judge it for yourself that whether the Gadulla massacred has been an angry man as Jawar’s OMN reported or it was an orchestrated plan that was in the works for months.

The transcript of the massage reads like this:

‘Today, we the Qeerroo [a clandestine group that is getting increasingly active in Oromia and undertaking local gov’t structures] of
Habroo and Daaloo districts as well as the City Administration of Galamsee headed and gathered at Hunde Dhaba Kebele of Darku district to show our support and solidarity to the families of the men [armed militia] who were selected from different districts.

We also wanted to have a word with the large armed men that are headed to Daru Lebu [disrict] to defeat their enemy [in this context all Somalis in Western Hararghe Zone (WHZ) and assure them that we will take care of their families [in case they die in the midst of this mission to massacre Somalis in Daru Lebu of WHZ].

So, the ‘Qeerroo’ [ originally started in East Hararghe and means ‘youth’ or ‘Shabab’ in Arabic]  and their elders pledged those who are leaving for battle [a month later a massacres have happened in Gadullo of Daru Lebu district and other localities] that they will take care of their families and gave them Br. 2490 worth of financial support.

Note by Jawar on the message: ‘These Qeerrroo are the ones who send me this and they deserve to be emulated. They also asked me to share this message on Facebook.’

So, if anyone has a sliver of doubt that Jawar Mohamed and those so-called activists are vanning the flames of ethnic tensions in Ethiopia, here your answer.

On that note, we urge all international media organizations who are falling to his pretense as an activist and hence giving him a platform to know that they have a moral imperative to see for what he is; an enabler and abettor of crimes against humanity.

Editor’s Note: Mohamed Olad is the editor-in-chief at jigjigaherald.com. He can be reached at Mohamedolad88@gmail.com. You can also follow him on twitter @oladmohamed or mohamed.olad2 on Facebook.

About Mohamed Olad

Mohamed Olad is the editor-in-chief at jigjigaherald.com. He can be reached at Mohamedolad88@gmail.com. You can also follow him on twitter @oladmohamed or mohamed.olad2 on Facebook.

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