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Jawar Mohamed who makes a living as a master propagandist amd spends his days of inflaming ethnic tensions between the neighborly Somali and Oromo people is now accusing the BBC which is one of the most respected news organizations in the world of propaganda.

Everybody who has been following the news lately can determine themselves that you need a bag of salt to beleive anything that OMN and Jawar has to say about anything for that matter.

Jawar who heads a tiny small mews organization that is mostly web-based and has a very limited resources not even to mention their lousy editorial process and their hell-bent to brainwash the Oromo yourh thinks he can challenge the editorial process of a mews institution like the BBC.

If anyhting, it says a lot about how low he will stump to advance his norrow nationalistic and proganda ridden agenda with a twist of ethnic hate against anyone that is not an Oromo for that matter.

He is also the same guy and the same network he runs that first suggested that their were a liyou police in Daru Lebu were 62 innocent Somalis where massacred.

And one can only gues that the BBC shed some light on the the attrocities and havoc that the ‘Qeero’ group, which he is their defacto leader, is causing across Oromia specially the violence against Somalis.

Actually I will beleive the BBC anytime-of-the-day tenthousand times over than Jawar and OMN that reports falsehoods and innuendos ninety-nine percent of the time.

Above all, he is the guy who leaked the national exam and disapponted and wasted the time and the efforts of millions of students for the sale of publicity and political game.

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