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Jigjigaherald.com has obtained the names of 15 of the 29 young Somalis that are illegally held and my in danger at Golo Odaa district in East Hararghe Zone while they were fleeing abuse and threats to their lives from Bokha district in Weste Hararghe Zone in Oromia Region. These hostages are held for more than & days now without charges or crimes or obvious reason so far.

It is unfortunate that they still have fallen to dangerous trap by Oromia local authorities that didn’t tried to protect so many other Somali victims in many localities in Oromia Region in the past and in some cases colluded those Oromo mob that slaughtered and massacred so many innocent Somali lives while they were trying to reach the Somali Region by foot.

Another 14 of them are held in Golo Odaa district and are from the Bokha distric all in West Hararghe Zone of Oromia Region. We are also working to reveal the names of these 14 Somalis as soon as we confirm them. These 14 individuals are from the Burqa Dimtu district. The 14 Somalis were held hostage for more than 3 days.

As per sources that spoke to jigjigaherald.com, their cash and other belongings were confiscated after being badly beaten.

These events resemble the circumstances surrounding the Gadulla massacre and if the Federal and Oromia Regional government don’t act quickly, this may turn in to more worse humanitarian disaster.

Here are the names of the 15 Somalis held hostage in Golo Odaa district of Oromia Region:

Editor’s Note to all of our steamed readers: JJH is working tirelessly to unearth the human side of these tragic sufferings of Somalis in Oromia Region like this and dispel the false notions and narratives created around these victims of ethnic violence.

So, if you have any more info on this or any other events or attacks such us names, photos and bio of the victims or feel you have a story to tell, please reach us at mohamedolad88@gmail.com.

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