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There is a disturbing news coming out West Hararghe Zone also known as Belbeleyti in Oromia Region that confirms the death of 20 children due to starvation after being under siege by Oromio Police and an ethnic mob that restricted their movement an cut all roads and access that would have been used to deliver food, medicine and other live saving supplies.

These horrific and inhumane siege and stranding of innocent Somalis is happening as we speak in different localities of West Hararghe Zone. These same victims have been robbed of their livestock and other belongings.

After this long siege and starvation campaign of Somalis in West Hararghe by some elements in Oromia Police with a local ethnic mob, the humanitarian situation has now worsened after the perishing of 20 children who were all under the age of 10. This shouldn’t come as a surprise and it is the natural culmination of month’s long siege of innocent Somalis.

These Ethiopan Somali citizen’s human and constitutional rights have been trumped too long with impunity and there is no end in sight. They have been slaughtered in massacres, dumped their bodies in mass graves, raped and depreciated their women, their livestock and belongings confiscated illegally, arrested and tortured while even the children, the elderly and women are not spared.

On the other hand, in another terror-like incident, the group known as Qerroo has killed another 4 innocent Somalis in Hawii Gudina district. And this is another campaign they started to massacre of Somalis who live in Oromia for political gain and in an opposition to efforts to tame the already fragile security situation.

These kind event are endangering national security and are an obstacle to the supremacy of the rule of law, peaceful resolution of border conflicts and the promise of the peaceful co-existence of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples.

We are also getting reports that the Federal Army was in Hoyadee and Koraa locality but it is not clear why they didn’t act to prevent this to occur and only showed up after the massacre of these innocent Somalis.

The names of the victims killed in Hoyadee and Koraa are:

  1. Shamsi Abdilahi Bile
  2. Omer Aw Mohamed
  3. Harbi Mohamud Mohamed
  4. Khalil ABdulahi Bile

Editor’s Note to all of our steemed readers: JJH is working tirelessly to unearth the human side of these tragic massacress of Somalis in Oromia Region like this and dispell the false notions and narratives created around these victins of ethnic violence.

So, if you have any more info on this or any other previous attacks such us names, photos and bio of the victims or feel you have a story to tell, please reach us at We are trying to compile a database of all those died in West Hararghe localities.

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