When all attempts for armed struggle in the past 60 years failed, OLF designed recently a new strategy to achieve their long held mission of independent Oromia.

So what does this clandestine movement with hidden dangerous and terrifying agenda work or intends to achieve that long held dream of ‘Oromiya Billisumaa’, or ‘Independent Oromia’ look like.

Below is the action plan of this dangerous and yet evolving group. Their plan is to implement in the following sequence:

  1. Putting in place Qeerroo structure and overriding the formal government political structure by force.
  2. Infiltrating the OPDO’s structure with OLF members and ideology.
  3. Pretending to be more Ethiopian by just mentioning the name Ethiopia but no action in reality or taking actions to the contrary such as claiming premier (special) or preferential citizenship rights in Addis Ababa which promotes inequality in and on itself.
  4. Hallucinating other Ethiopians (especially the Amharas) to the extent to make them confused and be quite fine even if OLF publicly claim ownership of Addis Ababa and call the Addis residents (native Shewans) as immigrants from somewhere.
  5. Working on demarcating their borders and entering into a clash with Ethio-Somali, Sidama, and other neighbors. Claiming land from all other regions including Wollo.
  6. Cleansing Oromia from ‘immigrants’ who are non-Oromo Ethiopians born and raised in Oromia. A good indication of this is the ongoing massacres of Somalis in West Hararghe and the currently ongoing ‘starvation campaign’ by siege to undertake a massive ethnic cleansing in the 21 century in Ethiopia.
  7. Training pseudo-military in the name of Oromia police and undermining and attacking the federal law enforcement forces.
  8. Having a media (OMN and OBN) strong enough to brainwash the Oromos about self-rule, freedom, how Oromia is rich and big, and eventually about the need for independence.
  9. When they feel 1 -8 are succeesfully accomplished. In few years, secession will be as simple as citing article 39 and undertaking referendum. There will be neither legal reason nor military force to stop it.
  10. And pseudo-Islamic state of Oromia will declare independence under sharia law. Then it is only after that the Amharas will recover at that time from the Hallucination.

So, to prevent this from happening, all Ethiopians need to get united and stand for unity. Don’t fall to a trap accompanied only by a talk. And first order of business for Lemma Meggersa, is to first show us were his loyalty lies by making Oromia a heaven for all Ethiopians where equality, justice, and rule of law presides over inequality and claiming preferential right over other Ethiopians.

By Abdikarim Arab

About Mohamed Olad

Mohamed Olad is the editor-in-chief at jigjigaherald.com. He can be reached at Mohamedolad88@gmail.com. You can also follow him on twitter @oladmohamed or mohamed.olad2 on Facebook.

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  1. This is what the dumbazz OLF supporter can’t comprehend

    Oromia’s economy can’t breath without the blessing of Ethio Somali Kilil, Djibouti, and Afar respectively. Infact, the 3 Kilils are the corridors and gates of Ethiopia’s economy.
    In Addition these 3 Kilils are the most important security gates of Ethiopia.
    OLF dreams can’t ever come to reality without the blessing of the 3 specially the Ethio Somali Kilil.
    OLF’s love affair with G7 is based on hate for others…like their master’s pride is based on hating Ethiopia.
    We shouldn’t be concerned about Love Based on Hate…remember these two were married before as kinijit and didn’t agree on who will be a husband…divorced b4 honey moon.

    Another major obstacle for vision deficiency of OLF’s dream is how to deal with millions of non Oromo ethnics but speaks Oromo and counted as Oromo’s on the census.
    How to deal with border disputes with the southern nations of Ethiopia who are armed to the teeth and will successfully reverse attack from OLF.
    How to deal with borders of Sudan/Kenya…a strategic partner of Ethiopia

    The only way we can test Lemma’s loyalty is to put him in a position without the highest authority of the security apparatus and give him a chance to defend Ethiopia or Shabiya while Ethiopians antagonize Shabiya and build 10 more dams….this is how we can put Lemma to the test.
    We can also give him the chance to voice his loyalty to OLF’s 100 yrs dream of acquiring Addis Ababa, or to let Addis Ababa be as Minilik blessed her to be.

    Honestly…A single bullet to OLF head can simply be delivered by amalgamating Harar and Dire Dawa with Ethio Somali Kilil.

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