The Human Faces of Somalis Massacred in Oromia Region

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Abdihakin Osman Yusuf was one of the victims of the 64 Somalis mercilessly massacred at Gadula locality of Daru Lebu District in West Hararghe Zone of Oromia Region.

Among the victims of that dark day was also his sister who also gave birth to twins in the police station they were concentrated like a chicken hen, in a scene reminescent of the Nazi concentration camps.

Among the victims where also 7 seven of her kids who where slaughtered with ‘machoo‘, the weapon of choice for Oromos due to it’s brutality, while one of them was an eleven years old girl who was gang-raped amd slaughtered like an animal.

He was also the uncle of another 14 year old named Amina Abdi (not her real name due to privacy reasons) and serioulsy injured which is recovering now in a hospital.

Abdihakin Osman Yusuf was 27 years old who you used to live in Hargeisa, SomaliLand, Somalia and recently came back to visit his family. May Allah grant him Jannah.

This and other countless human tragedies have befallen on Somalis in Oromia Region but justice has yet be served.

Editor’s Note to all of our steemed readers: JJH is working tirelessly to unearth the human side of this tragic massacress of Somalis in Oromia Region like this and dispell the false notions and narratives created around these victins of ethnic violence such as ‘it was a lone-wolf angry man’ or it was a ‘TPLF setup’ or it was in response to ‘Liyou Police attack’ and the like.

So, if you have any more info on this or any other previous attacks such us names, photos and bio of the victims or feel you have a story to tell, please reach us at We are trying to compile a database of all those died in West Hararghe localities.

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