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Jigjigaherald.com has obtained an exclusive report about the names, age, sex and the brutal detail of the victims’ death circumstances at the Qorkee Massacre in Hawi Gudina District of West Hararghe Zone in Oromia Region.

We all know that the Oromia Regional Government, especially Addisu Arega Kittesa- it’s communications Bureau Head, as well as those so-called activists who have blood on their hands, went to a length to surpress the number of Somali victims and fabricate the circumstances surrounding the coordinated attacks against the victims of ethnic massacre in Oromia Region. For example, in his press briefings to national and international media outlets, Addisu even put the number of victims as low as 32. What a shame and mockery?

But as these exclusive reports suggest, at least 18 defensiless and unarmed civilians were mercilessly slaughtered like animals in Qorkee alone and another 62 in Gadula loaclity in Daru Lebu not 32 as Addisu falsely claimed.

As per our sources, that total number of confirmed victims from Qorkee and Gadulla alone stands at 80 so far. We are also working on releasing the names of the victims of the massacres that have taken place in other localities in West Hararghe Zone of Oromia Region.

Jigjigaherald.com spoke extensively to the relatives of the victims and people with first hand knowledge and they all confirmed to us that it was not one lone-wolf angry man whose brother was killed by Liyou Police that have massacred the people with a gun or an isolated incidents for that matter, but rather a coordinated mob attack with the help of some regional security elements using the tool/weapon commonly knowmn as ‘machoo‘ and slaughtered them all to a merciless death.

We at jigjigaherald.com are working day and night to give voice to those voiceless victims of Oromo massacress who were targeted for the sole purposs of getting an upper hand in a bitter power struggle.

And rest assured, we will uncover the stories of these victims until the last one of them is accounted for no matter what or who.

For know, we exclusively secured the information about one of the many massacres in West Hararghe against Somalis and we got many more to uncover.

In the near future, we will also share with our readers, all concerned organizations and parties as well as with the wider world about the massacres that have taken place in numorous localities in West Hararghe Zone of Oromia region commonly known as Belbeleyti to understand what has transpired.

These documents include the lists of the names of the victims, their age, sex and the manner of their death.

So, for a better reading of the table, the first column is for the serial number of the victim while next column is for the names of the victims and their age respectively.

Editor’s Note to all of our steemed readers: JJH is working tirelessly to unearth the human side of this tragic massacress of Somalis in Oromia Region like this and dispell the false notions and narratives created around these victins of ethnic violence such as ‘it was an attack by a lone-wolf angry man’ or it was a ‘TPLF setup’ or it was in response to ‘Liyou Police attack’ and the like.

So, if you have any more info on this or any other previous attacks such us names, photos and bio of the victims or feel you have a story to tell, please reach us at mohamedolad88@gmail.com. We are trying to compile a database of all those died in West Hararghe localities.

About Mohamed Olad

Mohamed Olad is the editor-in-chief at jigjigaherald.com. He can be reached at Mohamedolad88@gmail.com. You can also follow him on twitter @oladmohamed or mohamed.olad2 on Facebook.

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