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Amina Abdi (not her real name due to privacy reasons) is a 14 year old girl and the only survivor, along with her 7 year old brother, of  a huge extended family whose more than 30 members where massacred in Gadulla locality of West Hararghe Zone’s  Daru Lebu District in Oromia Region.

The Ali Dheere extended family and all of his four sons and all of their children except Aamina and her little brother were slaughtered mercilessly in Gadulla by a local mob with the assistance and/or negligence of Oromia Police and other security elements.

For one harrowing instance amidst all this inhumanity and barbaricness, is the story of  the nine kids of Abdullahi Ali Dheere whom two twins were just born that day in the police station were the victims of this massacre were concentrated, which of course reminded people of the Nazi concentration camps in and of itself, were not spared. Only one boy and a girl survives from that family of nine as well as the other branches if Ali Dheere extendes family.

Of those who all died in Gadulla the Ali Dheere extended family accounted for the most of the victims in Gadulla, which is roughly half of the total victims in Gadulla and Aamina lost that day Atleast 30 members of her close kin.

As per Aamina’s  account, she was hit with ‘Machoo‘ or machete, which is the weapon of choice for the Oromos due its simplicity and brutality, and fatally wounded her. As though that was not enough, they again brutally raped her and left her for dead.

According to Aamina, one of the horrofying experiences that she will never forget is the slaughter of her blind 87 year old grandmother, Saynaba Ali and all of her siblings in front of her eyes while bleeding to near death.

But what was equally horrific of all the things that they have faced and she can’t get off of her mind is the killimg of her mother and her newborn twins in front her.

As that was not enough of a lifetime burden for gang-raped and fatally wounded 14 year old, she has also witnessed the rape and the brutal killing of her 11 year old younger sister in front of her naked eyes.

According to Aamina, the only reason she is alive is that the mob who were slaughtering people using ‘machoo‘ left her and her 7 year old brother for dead. Then they dragged themselves to a nearby abandoned house before she fainted a moments later and only woke up to find herself in a hospital.

Editor’s Note to all of our steemed readers: JJH is working tirelessly to unearth the human side of this tragic massacress of Somalis in Oromia Region and dispell the false notions and narratives created around these victins of ethnic violence such as ‘it was a lone-wolf angry man’ or it was a ‘TPLF setup’ or it was in response to ‘Liyou Police attack’ and the like.

So, if you have any more info on this or any other previous attacks such us names, photos and bio of the victims or feel you have a story to tell, please reach us at We are trying to compile a database of all those died in West Hararghe localities.

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